A Complete Hospitality Solutions Company


KOVET is proud to be an American Owned, Vertically Integrated Manufacturer who provides full manufacturing in our factory in Tijuana, Mexico eliminating the need to outsource frames from Asia.  You will never see a pass through charge for Tariff’s.

All our wood is sourced from sustainable American suppliers and foam is brought in from the US as chemistry and blown into forms locally, allowing for different flexibilities of seat qualities as well as, meeting Brand requirements.

Our corporate office and warehouse is located in Otay Mesa, CA just several miles from the Mexico border.  Our factory is located just under 4 miles from the commercial border. Whether you need help with freight or prefer to use your 3rd party carrier, Kovet can offer shipping options from either the factory in Mexico or from the warehouse in San Diego, CA.

Our continued growth as a furniture manufacturer is a direct result of our grit, adaptability and performance in our many years of business.



 Craftsmanship is where we shine!  

Whether it is one piece or a thousand pieces needed, our team can help you go from concept to prototype to meet your unique specifications for Guest Rooms, Public Areas, Suites, Restaurants and Senior Living environments. All of this with the aid of our patented order tracking platform called “Tailor Made”, where you can see in real time order items, all documents, approved CADs, finishes, receipt of fabrics and notifications on updates as fulfilled. This cloud-based program provides a way for our clients to see the progress of their orders at any given time. This tool is in constant evolution with new features being added constantly


Starting from raw materials we mill, 
cut, assemble, sand & finish each frame, 
cut & sew all fabrics and upholster  within our own facility allowing for flexibility in design. 
No minimum quantities required. 
Each piece we manufacturer is 
hand-crafted and unique. Nail head 
trim is applied by hand and pattern 
matching of fabrics is standard.